Ireland this week

Another week, another list of Irish “news”

Eircom to change ownership………again

Kilkenny lose 2 All-Ireland finals on same day

Get Green Energy Advice at the National Ploughing Championships

10 Reasons for Cork to beat Kerry

Ireland gets a mortgage

Micko’Dwyer & Billy Morgan agree on who is the country’s best referee

GAA abandon on-field cup presentations in favour of Hogan Stand tradition


Wood pellets key to energy budget savings?

I read an article on yesterday about a school in Norfolk in England that has put in place a program that it hopes will save £7,000 per annum in energy costs using wood pellets rather than oil. The heating and hot water for 25 classrooms, a drama studio, the hall, IT rooms, offices and the reception will be provided by the biomass boiler.

It got me thinking that maybe if all schools in Ireland were converted from fossil fuels to a biomass energy source for their heating needs, it could bring big savings to the overall education budget and perhaps save some teaching jobs.

A program of environmentally driven infrastructure changes could have a double benefit to the economy if it were to create jobs in the implementation phase and save ongoing expenditure.

Ber Assessors will also take whatever heating technology is employed in a building into account when making and energy asessment.

Ireland based energy group, Kedco, promoting gasification and other green technologies launches on AIM in London

Kedco plc, an Irish-based energy group focusing on environmentally friendly energy production in the UK and Ireland, this week announced they had been admitted to trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

Kedco specialises in the generation of electricity from sustainable and renewable fuel sources. The Group sources technologies (including anaerobic digestion and gasification power plants) for sale to Continue reading