Cork Outsourcing Business Voxpro Sold in Multi Million Deal

Cork call centre business counting Google and Airbnb among its customers, Voxpro, has been sold in a multi million euro deal, rumoured to be in the region of €1.5M.

The buyer, Canadian call centre giant Telus International, is a global provider of business process outsourcing, IT outsourcing, and contact center outsourcing solutions. Following this deal, they will eploy approximately 28,000 people, working in more than 35 languages worldwide.

Voxpro is the latest in a number of Irish BPO Companies to fall into foreign ownership with another Cork company, Southwestern, being taken over by Capita for €35m in 2014



Chambers to Fight for Cork Limerick Motorway

Cork and Limerick Chambers are to join Forces to campaign for the n20 between Cork & Limerick to be upgraded to a Motorway and become the M20.

The n20 is a highly significant commercial route linking the cities of Limerick and Cork and facilitating connectivity along the wider Atlantic Corridor.

While there have been repetitive discussions about upgrading the road to motorway status, all plans were shelved following the economic collapse of 2008 -2010.

In 2017, however, the new Government committed €1m in funding for Transport Infrastructure Ireland to re-start the planning process for the M20 motorway.

Seeing this development as a an opportunity to push for additional funding in the upcoming mid-term review of the national Capital Investment Plan, Cork and Limerick Chambers have joined forces and commissioned Indecon Economic Consultants and RedC research to assess the socio-economic benefits of upgrading the N20.


Apple in Cork evacuated

The press are reporting that 4000 employees of Apple in Cork have been evacuated due to a security threat.

Gardai are at the scene in Hollyhill and have confirmed that three plants have been evacuated.

Initial reports indicate that the threat may have been sent via email.

It is understood that the firm’s premises on Lavitts Quay, Hollyhill and Model Farm Road are those affected by the evacuations. are reporting that the EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) team are on standby.


Whitegate Oil refinery Sale still on the cards.

The possible sale of Ireland’s only oil refinery in Whitegate, Co Cork is back on the table despite parent company, Phillips 66,  appearing to pull the plug on the sales process last year.

The US multinational energy company recently confirmed to Irish Newspaper, The Irish Examiner, that it is considering selling the refinery, which employs 300 people in East Cork, but again reiterating that that, longer-term, it expects that the “asset will be challenged”.

The ageing refinery’s  future has been shrouded in uncertainty for a considerable period of time with little progress being made in terms of securing its longer-term future.

Phillips 66 are under a contractual obligation to the Irish Government to operate the facility until July 2016.


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Ireland bans branding on cigarette packs

The Irish parliament (Dáil Éireann) passed a revolutionary health law yesterday that will ensure that all tobacco products sold in the coutry will be in a standard dark-coloured wrapper emblazoned with large health warnings and images of smoking related disease.

Brand names will have to be very small and use a limited set of fonts across all packets.

The law is likely to be challenged by the Big Tobacco companies in the courts, either in Ireland or under European rules. While Ireland is a relatively tiny market for these large companies, they must fear that if Ireland sets such a precedent, the rest of the European Union may follow.

Ireland is only the second country in the entire world to introduce such a ban, after Australia, and is the first in Europe.

Children’s Minister and former health minister, James Reilly who spearheaded the ban, said it was about “protecting people” and should be seen as “a good day for the health of children”.

“The interests of public health will be served when children decide never to take up smoking in the first place and if smokers are persuaded to quit,” he said.

“We have a duty to prevent our children from being lured into a killer addiction.

Slim boxes of cigarettes, in lipstick-style shapes, will also become illegal under the new law.

There have been significant threats of legal action against the Irish State by Big tobacco manufacturers.

Anti Smoking Spokesman, Ross Morgan said the Government and opposition politicians should be complimented for pushing ahead with the ban despite threats of lawsuits.

The law will come into effect when President Michael D Higgins formally signs the legislation into law. The date of this is yet to be confirmed.

Heineken Cup semi final for Aviva Stadium?

In what could be a huge, and largely unexpected, boost for hotels near Dublin’s Aviva stadium, it has been revealed today that this year’s Heineken Cup final venue could also play host to a semi-Final if Ulster overcome Saracens in the last 8.

Toulon or Leicester Tigers will play the winners of this weekend’s quarter final with home advantage going to either Ulster or Saracens. Ulster have confirmed that if they have home advantage the game will be played at the Aviva.

Apple to Expand Irish operation

Apple Inc has announced that it has signed a lease on a Cork City centre office with capacity to hold 350 people. The move is a result of plans to expand its EMEA Customer Support operations in Ireland.
Apple has had a presence in Cork since a manufacturing operation was founded in 1981 and despite scaling back the manufacturing capacity in the late 1990’s has continued to grow as a major centre of the IT Giant’s global presence.

“Apple is one of the many global technology companies with operations in Ireland,” said an IDA spokesperson, “Since it established in Cork 30 years ago, it has been a significant employer in the southwest region.”