Ireland based energy group, Kedco, promoting gasification and other green technologies launches on AIM in London

Kedco plc, an Irish-based energy group focusing on environmentally friendly energy production in the UK and Ireland, this week announced they had been admitted to trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

Kedco specialises in the generation of electricity from sustainable and renewable fuel sources. The Group sources technologies (including anaerobic digestion and gasification power plants) for sale to a wide customer base including medium sized waste operators, local municipal authorities, food companies and agricultural operators.
Kedco say it has identified over 25 specific opportunities across UK and Ireland to establish partnerships with these customers to own and operate electrical generation plants which convert waste into energy.

Kedco’s customer base faces increasing legislative and regulatory cost pressures driven by environmental considerations. The Directors of Kedco believe that their proposition offers these customers the opportunity to create a revenue-generating opportunity from waste materials that would otherwise incur significant disposal costs.

Commenting on the Group’s Admission earlier in the week to AIM Donal Buckley, Chief Executive of Kedco plc, commented:“We are delighted and proud to be joining AIM today. We believe that our presence on AIM will raise our profile among new and existing customers, enhancing their understanding of our proposition and its revenue generating opportunities. Our AIM listing will also give us access to international capital markets which will provide additional support as we look to build and expand our business.”


One comment on “Ireland based energy group, Kedco, promoting gasification and other green technologies launches on AIM in London

  1. A Cahelane says:

    A big congratulations to Donal Buckley and the gang up in Kedco, I never realised they had such a presence in the Industrial side of green energy! What the hell is Anaerobic Digestion?

    I always tied them with solar and wood pellet products. I actually bought solar panels for my business in West Cork off them last year -they worked a treat are a saving me a small fortune..who mentioned a recession!

    A. C

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