Apple in Cork evacuated

The press are reporting that 4000 employees of Apple in Cork have been evacuated due to a security threat.

Gardai are at the scene in Hollyhill and have confirmed that three plants have been evacuated.

Initial reports indicate that the threat may have been sent via email.

It is understood that the firm’s premises on Lavitts Quay, Hollyhill and Model Farm Road are those affected by the evacuations. are reporting that the EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) team are on standby.



Apple to Expand Irish operation

Apple Inc has announced that it has signed a lease on a Cork City centre office with capacity to hold 350 people. The move is a result of plans to expand its EMEA Customer Support operations in Ireland.
Apple has had a presence in Cork since a manufacturing operation was founded in 1981 and despite scaling back the manufacturing capacity in the late 1990’s has continued to grow as a major centre of the IT Giant’s global presence.

“Apple is one of the many global technology companies with operations in Ireland,” said an IDA spokesperson, “Since it established in Cork 30 years ago, it has been a significant employer in the southwest region.”