Waterford Glass goes bust

Waterford Glass, the Irish arm of Waterford wedgewood PLC, has this morning been suspended from the Irish stock exchange as a result of the appointment of a receiver.

In a statement the company said the request follows the appointment of David Carson of Deloitte as receiver to the Irish arm of the company and certain Irish subsidiaries. It is expected that a receiver will be appointed to the international division, Waterford Wedgwood UK plc, and certain UK subsidiaries later today.

Waterford Wedgwood’s principle brands are Waterford Crystal, Wedgwood fine china and Royal Doulton fine china  which it manufactures, wholesales and retails around the world. There are 800 staff employed in their Irish operations. The company has been a huge employer in Waterford for over 300 years.

The Waterford Crystal factory is also a very popular tourist site, especially among North American visitors, with regular guided tours of the plant taking place daily.

Sir Anthony O’Reilly, non-executive Chairman of Waterford Wedgwood plc, said: “I want to commend the Board and the executives, the Irish and UK governments, our suppliers, our customers and our employees for all of their support and efforts.

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