Text campaign aims to help Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) sufferers

A man whose brother died from a heart condition while playing sport is aiming to raise tens of thousands of euros sending campaigning text messages.

It is estimated one person a week dies from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (Sads) and Stephen Comerford has timed the awareness drive to coincide with next weekend’s All-Ireland football final. The 31-year-old wants fans to send 100,000 messages to raise €60,000 for screening programmes and defibrillators for clubs.

The money raised through the text campaign will go to the Cormac McAnallen Trust set up after the sudden death of the young Tyrone star in 2004.It is hoped the funds will extend screening campaigns around Cork and also allow help pay for defibrillators for clubs in Down and Cork. A mobile screening service is already being established in Cork with a cardiologist on hand to examine young players.

Prominent Cork footballers and veteran broadcaster, Micheal O’Muircheartaigh. have lent their support to the campaign.

You can suuport the campaign by texting ‘Sads’ to 53306. Read more: http://breakingnews.ie/ireland/text-campaign-aims-to-help-sads-sufferers-473265.html


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