SWS to create over 100 new jobs in West Cork

Clonakilty based SouthWestern (formerly known as SWS) announced today that it will create more than 100 new jobs this year. 

The company provides business process outsourcing (BPO) services to public and private sector organisations both in Ireland and internationally.

Headquartered in Clonakilty, SouthWestern already employs more than 450 people in West Cork and also has an operation in Poland.

Current Minister for Agriculture, Brendan Smith visited SouthWestern this morning to mark its success in winning a contract for the processing of bovine farm to farm movements and on-farm death notifications.

Thirty people are working full time on this project which is one of a number of projects which SouthWestern now coordinates on behalf of the Department of Agriculture.

Jim Costello, CEO of SouthWestern stated: “We take on the operation of tech-based administrative services for businesses in the private and public sectors.

“It means lower costs and improved performance for those businesses and it’s a model that has great potential in other parts of the economy. We are delighted to have won this contract and look forward to working closely with the Department.

“Projects such as this provide an example of cooperation between the public and private sector to mutual benefit.”

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