Aviva Stadium to provide major economic boost

Accountancy group Deloitte has welcomed the imminent opening of the  Aviva Stadium, as according to a new report by the global accountancy firm, hosting major global sporting events improves a country’s economic competitiveness.

The Deloitte report entitled ‘A Lasting Legacy: How major events can drive positive change for host communities and economies’ outlines how hosting major sporting and entertainment events, such as the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup, can elevate the host country or city’s global stature and accelerate its economic, political, and social development.

A national sporting infrastructure is critical in order for a country to compete for major events and the Aviva Stadium is a critical addition to Ireland in its quest to host major events.

The report also shows that hosting a global event is becoming a top agenda item for governments around the world, and that competition from emerging nations is growing.

Ireland must aim to host sporting events
Deloitte says the impact of the newly developed Aviva Stadium in Dublin in attracting such events can already been seen as the venue has secured the UEFA’s Europa League final in May 2011 and is also in contention to host the 2011 Heineken Cup Final. Apart from the immediate positive impact for bsuinesses like hotels near the Aviva Stadium , there is a long term econoic benefit of hosting such events.

“More and more countries around the world are competing to host major sporting events. They have recognised the economic benefits that these events can bring. Here in Ireland, we now need to look at how we can increase our chances of securing such events as a means of continuing our economic recovery, while also reaping the long-term advantages that hosting such events can bring,” said Harry Goddard, Partner, Public Sector, Deloitte said.

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