Further restrictions in Irish Air-Space

The continuing volcanic activity in Iceland has caused further disruption in Irish Airspace today with several Irish airports closed for at least part of the day.

 Flights to and from Irish airports are grounded after increased activity from Eyjafjallajokull volcano produced denser ash emissions higher into the atmosphere.

The IAA said Donegal airport would be restricted from 8am until further notice, followed by Sligo at 9am and Dublin and Ireland West (Knock) at 11am.

Waterford, Kerry and Cork airports are unlikely to be affected until after 2pm.

No restrictions are planned for Shannon or Galway but this is open to review.The Irish Aviation Authority said a further update will be issued mid-morning.

All passengers have been advised to contact their airline.

The IAA announced the renewed restrictions around midnight last night. Aer Lingus said it is to cancel flights to destinations across Europe, including Rome, Milan, Warsaw, Vienna, Naples, UK, Paris and Portugal.

Customers were advised to expect further cancellations throughout the day. Those arriving from North America today for Ireland vacations are unlikely to be affected as all flights are scheduled to arrive prior to the closing of Dublin Airport at 11am.

Keep up to date at breakingnews.ie: http://www.breakingnews.ie


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