Voting for JEdward on XFactor from Ireland

Firstly to avoid any wild accusations, I’m not a fan of John & Edward and I may regret this. But let it not be that they go out of the competition just because people think they can’t get votes from Ireland.

While it pops up during the show that viewers from ROI can’t vote, there is a way!!

The way is VOIP! Voice over internet protocol routes the call over the internet to the destination country. If you want to vote for or against John&Edward, then it’s easy.

sign up to a UK VOIP provider like
The call is carried by VOIP to the UK and ‘enters’ the conventional phone system from the UK so is registered as a UK originating call. I have tested this and it works!

Try it! See the rates here:

It probably also works with ‘Skype Out’ if you register a UK number but I haven’t tested it

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