Tesco put 100,000 jobs at risk in Ireland

Tesco will be the cause of adding vast numbers of Irish workers to the Dole Queues according to Economist Jim Power.

Tesco have started a process by which Irish producers and distributors are being cast aside in favour of cheaper british goods. The practice by Tesco puts pressure on the two Irish supermarket operators (Dunnes and Musgrave-Supervalu) to follow the lead as they find it increasingly difficult to compete with the Tesco offering. According to Mr. Power, such a move would put 100,000 jobs in the agri-food sector in jeopardy.

So far, Dunnes and Musgrave have resisited such a move (and favour keeping the jobs in Ireland) but as competitive pressures mount they may be forced to consider the option. Supporting Irish jobs is only sustainable for Dunnes and Musgrave if consumers vote with their shopping trolleys and abandon Tesco in favour of Supervalu and Dunnes Stores.

100,000 jobs would be a killer blow for the Irish economy and one it would be unlikely to recover from quickly


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