Ireland Vacation Special Offers 2009

At myguideireland, we have been selling Ireland vacations for over 10 years and never before have we been able to access such great value for our Guests.

This year has seen hotels and airlines along with car rental companies offer us unbelievebale value for Ireland vacation packages. As a result we have been able to make vacation packages available at the lowest prices in nearly a decade. Already this year we have had a special offer at $499 (+air taxes) including round trip flight, car rental, car insurance and accommodation for a full week.

Our latest special offer was launched yesterday (April 13th) and again includes incredible value: Flight, 7 day Car rental (incl all  fees, insurance and taxes) , accommodation in 5 star hotels (incl 1 castle) for $1099 plus air taxes. (includes the Shelbourne Hotel, Kingsley Hotel and Adare Manor Castle Hotel)

last year that same package would have cost between $1500 and $2000 meaning a saving of more than $400 at a minimum.

Check out our Ireland vacation specials for the latest in exceptional value for travel to Ireland!!!

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