Roy Keane resigns as Sunderland Manager

After 27 months at the helm as manager of Sunderland FC, Roy Keane has resigned.

The announcement was made at a press conference in Sunderland in the last few minutes.

The outspoken Cork-man has been under pressure since losing 4-1 at home to Bolton last weekend.

During the past month Sunderland have lost six of seven matches. This has led to Keane publicly questioning his own ability last weekend but that state cannot go on. Sunderland play at Keane’s former club Manchester United on this coming Saturday.


2 comments on “Roy Keane resigns as Sunderland Manager

  1. Chelsea FC says:

    He was getting stick from the club and from the fans, but he was the reason they got promoted and the reason they stayed up too.

  2. I agree, They were destined to go down two years ago until he came along and got them promoted. Some people have very short memories

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