Ireland has new tallest building amid property crisis

The title of tallest building in Ireland moved yesterday from Cork county hall to the new Elysian tower a few miles to the west on the banks of the south channel of the River Lee in Cork City centre.

The building was officially unveiled last night, with the 17-storey Elysian now dominating the Cork city skyscape. 
A 71 metre high tower-block beside Cork City Hall, developed by O’Flynn Construction, aims to herald the redevelopment of Cork’s southern docklands.

The Elysian was formally opened last night by local Fianna Fáil dignitaries Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin, Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe, and Irish rugby star Ronan O’Gara

Standing on three acres, the  development features 211 luxury apartments, which range in price from €375,000 to a whopping €2m.

The Elysian also has ground-floor units set up for retail, pub and restaurant development. The building also boasts an enclosed, one-acre Japanese garden.

Planned at a time when property prices were rising every week, observers will watch with keen interest to see if the levels of interest match the height of the building.


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