Guaranteed winner in All Ireland Final

While the rivalry and banter between fans on both sides of the county boundary between Kilkenny and Waterford reaches fever pitch in the coming hours, one team is guaranteed to be victorious in the 2008 All Ireland hurling final. If you are currently on your Ireland vacation, then you must see this epic encounter.

Colin Gordon and his team at Glanbia Consumer foods are guaranteed to be backing the winning team come the final whistle in Sunday’s game.
The jerseys of both teams feature Glanbia brands with Kilkenny continuing a 10 year long sponsorship from the Avonmore dairy brand while Waterford are sponsoreed for teh first time this year by the Yop yoghurt Drink (Prior to this year Waterford were sponsored by Yoplait Essence, another Glanbia brand and previous to that by GAIN feeds, a Glanbia agricultural feeds brand)

Whatever the result on Sunday, Colin Gordon will have reason to celebrate as one of his brands will be splashed allover the country’s newspapers underlining the Liam McCarthy cup being help aloft by the victorious captain.


The history of Glanbia itself is a short one, being founded in 1997 Glanbia through a merger between Kilkenny based Avonmore PLC (formerly Avonmore Coop) and Waterford PLC.


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