Ryanair passengers in lucky escape

It was the most serious safety incident to hit the low cost airline, Ryanair, in it’s 23 year history.
16 people were hospitalised after a sudden loss of cabin pressure forced a flight from Bristol to Barcelona to make an unscheduled landing last night.
Flight FR9336 made an emergency landing at Limoges International airport, in France after there was a sudden loss in cabin pressure and the plane reportedly plunged thousands of feet.
According to the Arctic explorer, Pen Hadow who was on board with his wife and son, oxygen masks dropped as the plane plummeted and a number of oxygen masks inside the cabin failed to inflate.
Safety is the most important element of an airline service that charges for everything else and was a critical element of the ongoing growth of the airline. Financial markets will watch with great interest as French police investigate the cause of the incident.

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