Ireland win 3 medals in Beijing Olympics

The final Irish medals tally in the Beijing 2008 Olympic games is 3. All three medals were won in the Workers Gymnasium where the boxing tournaments took place.

On Tuesday (August 19th) 2 irish boxers guaranteed themselves medals in the 2008 olympic games.
Ken Egan and Paddy Barnes both qualified for the semi finals of the light heavyweight and light flyweight respectively.

Beijing Boxing Semi-finals  – mixed emotions for Ireland

The following day, Darren Sutherland did the same in the middleweight competition setting Ireland up for 3 semifinals on Friday August 22nd. On that day, within a couple of hours, Barnes and Sutherland succumbed to their oponents and Egan (the Irish Boxing team captain in Beijing) progressed to the final on Sunday, guaranteeing an Irish silver medal and a realistic shot at Gold (a Gold that would have been Ireland’s first untainted Olympic Gold since 1992)

No Gold for Ireland

Unfortunately Sunday saw Egan defeated to a local Chinese contestant and had to be content to leave with a Silver medal bringing the Irish tally to 2 Bronze and 1 silver.

12 Olympic medals for Irish boxing

These wins, one silver and two bronze medals take Ireland‘s Olympic medal haul in boxing events since the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki to 12 and make boxing our premier sport at Olympic level accounting for over half our all-time total of 23 medals.

Northern Ireland celebrate olympic medals

Paddy Barnes from Belfast becomes the second Northern Ireland competitor to win a medal in Beijing following cyclist Wendy Houvenaghel, who won a silver competing for Great Britain the previous weekend.

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