Cork airport – Ireland’s best?

The feedback we get from our Guests about Cork Airport is the best about any Airport in the country.

While there are questions about the future ownership structure and whether it will ever become independent of Dublin Airport, it will always ultimately be owned by the irish taxpayer and will remain a great asset and amenity to the people of Munster and visitors to Ireland.

In my experience, the ease at which you transit through Cork Airport, is un-rivalled anywhere I’ve been throughout the world.

The foyer is spacious and uncrowded and passing through security has always been very efficient any time I’ve been there.

My only concern would be that they have jetways for boarding and disembarking  aircraft like any modern airport but I’ve never seen them used. I know probably Ryanair refuse to use them but I’ve flown Aer Lingus a number of times from London to Cork and even though you board via jetway in London you are forced to walk across the tarmac through the rain in Cork. I would say though that that is its singular flaw and apart from that it is the perfect Airport experience.

If you haven’t considered using Cork Airport for your trip to Ireland, I would recommend you do so!
Cork Airport has direct flights from over 30 European airports and can easily be reached from other international airports by connection from Dublin Airport, Charles de Gaul in Paris, Schipol in Amsterdam or London Heathrow. With most Airlines you can check right through to Cork via these airports including a transatlantic connection via Dublin with Aerlingus/AerArann


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